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To submit an entry for the "Help Wanted" list you need to supply
The date first seen
Location - where was it seen / picked up? Please use the map supplied.
A caption - a brief description.
Details - tell us anything you may think may be of use.
A phone number or two where you can be reached.
1 - 3 Photographs (Not obligatory - but immensely usefull. No smaller than 600 Pixels wide please)

Submit an injured Pigeon for rescue below. Fill in the details and hit "Send",
come back here, and make a map of the location, follow the instructions there, save it with your bird's photos, and use the "Upload Photos" form below to upload them all.
Someone will get back to you shortly.

Note: NYCPRC is simply a small group of individuals who have varying levels of Pigeon knowledge, have no official standing, and work volutarily and without reward. NYCPRC is not a commercial or a non profit organization. NYCPRC has no money or facilitys to offer. We have no "place" you can bring a needy bird to - but we will go out of our way to assist you in doing the right thing and getting the right help for the bird.
The one thing all participants here have in common - they give a damn about their fellow creatures in this journey that is life.

Now, as you wait, read this and this. --- Also - visit and join NYCPRC's forum...
Your submission will appear automatically on the NYCPRC's forum.

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Click here to go to a map of NYC, locate the best zoom level / map type for the bird's location, and follow the instructions provided to make and save a map, anotate if you are able, and upload it as a photo in the form below.

This process will be more automated in the future - bear with us please

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One to three photos per submission  

Gallery Legal Activate! HELP!
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