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The Silicon Bird is down - Currently NYCPRC's server is undergoing an arduous long awaited upgrade and can't quite process your request the normal easy way, so in the interim please email us at:


Be sure to remove the space between BirdAlert and when you address the email - we do this to avoid spam, sorry.

In the email please type for subject "Bird Down" and tell us the date, time and location of the bird in distress, why you think the bird needs our help as well as any other info you can give us about the situation.

Please also include your email address and phone number.
NYCPRC is a private group, spammers cannot see the info.

Please - If at all possible to contain the bird yourself because by the time that we get there we often can not find the bird.

We are a small group of volunteers and you may be the best or only hope the bird has. Often by the time one of us gets to the location of a bird needing help it's too late or the bird can't be found.

So if you possibly can, please take the bird to the Wild Bird Fund's care center, at

565 Columbus Avenue, north of 87th Street, New York, NY 10024

No appointment needed. No charge, though contributions to WBF are always welcome and needed. Open till 7 pm every day.

Help may be also found here at Audubon, but ONLY if you have caught the bird and have it contained: Audubon NYC

Gallery Legal Activate! HELP!
New York City Pigeon Rescue Central