Phyll and Bob
Leslie, a woman in the Bronx, called Al. She had a pigeon that was hit by a car but made its way to her back yard. She wasn't going to take it anywhere,  so Al put the word out and Phyll and  Bob, (I named the birds after them) NYCPRC’s ‘can do’ transporters, went to the rescue,  turns out to be a huge white baby with a mother that wouldn't quit - so she's in the box with it too!
The baby has a fractured wing and a broken jaw,  but it will be fine.  our special hospital was unavailable,  so they came to me for triage.  I gave a painkiller and fed the baby,  then on they went to Gretchen to get the wing and jaw fixed.
Gretchen has them under her wing for recuperation.

 New York City Pigeon Rescue Central
Phyll and Bob - 1
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