Twins Tower
Maureen brought this case to our attention - she could see a bird trapped in netting on top of a water tower on top of a building dwarfed by the new Time Warner building.  It turns out there were two live birds,  almost identical Chequers in the tower,  hence “Twins Tower”.  In this case a glass building actually helped a couple of birds.  Al and I went to investigate...

 New York City Pigeon Rescue Central
This is the water tower - it’s open on top,  as are most, but has netting stretched over the top.  The net size is too big
for the job.  Inside is a ladder to the water tank.  There is a large iron trapdoor to push open once at the top.
Once through the trap door - looking up in the water tank section looking up at where the trapped birds are.
Previous victims hang lifeless after their slow deaths.  The feathers will fall off in the breeze and the bones will drop to the floor - to join all the
other bones that make up the floor of the tank.
Here you see four birds - two are long dead.
The net holes are too big - A Pigeon easily gets it’s head and a wing in - that’s the beginning of a horrible end.
One live bird is in an awful position,  the other can stand but is firmly tied.
This is the most tied bird.  I forgot to photo the other due to mild terror. (I’m in a precarious position high up here)
After the first bird was freed,  it flew down to a ledge,  the other one rammed itself right back into the net - I had to free it again.
The view from under the net. 
Maureen’s up there somewhere...
Thanks Maureen.

 New York City Pigeon Rescue Central