Crystal and I were out on Safari 4/q6/2006 and BobbleFoot was our first catch,  of many stalked that day...  It was Sunday,  we started early with her 57th / Lexington cripple flock,  no luck so we moved onto Columbus Circle,  no luck so onto Lincoln Center,  we couldn’t catch the worst there (The Chequer with the white wingtips) so it became BobbleFoot’s turn.
Under close inspection there was nothing that could be done other than a good cleaning and some BeneBac and lunch.  The thread that caused the damage was gone along with some toes,  leaving some curious ‘bobble’ looking callous.

 New York City Pigeon Rescue Central
We stalked this Chequer with the white wingtips.
It had a missing toe,  and thread was working on the other foot.
It wouldn’t let us close.
It wouldn’t join the others in the trap either.
BobbleFoot did though!