ChocoMint I noticed at the bottom of some stairs leading down to the basement of a builing on E64th / 1st.  I threw down a NutraBerry,  and she hobbled over to get it.  I thought threadfoot or broken bones.  Unfortunately,  I was right on both counts.  This bird had an x-ray that Evel Knievel would be proud of!  She was deemed unreleaseable and would never fly again,  to be observed to establish if she wanted to live.  however,  six months later,  she’s flying around!  She is nuts about BigFoot (Stumpy) and has laid him three eggs to date.  They turn to wood for some unexplained reason...   Just as well really,  as chicks would be a handful for these old retired cripples.

 New York City Pigeon Rescue Central
ChocoMint when I picked her up
A grumpy bird - nevewr failed to karate chop me with her good wing
Quite a clump of thread she had
One foot is almost unusable due to joint fracture
Getting the thread off was not too dificult
One a she butted heads with a mesh screen
Next day her head feathers fell out!
They grew back in in no time. Seen here with Noel,
 a Blue Bar found on Christmas Day with a broken wing - since released
Mirror mirror..
She found love at first sight
When beefy BigFoot entered the scene
Lounging with BigFoot and Mini
More to come on ChocoMint and BigFoot (Stumpy).
Mini has been (soft) released