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Foys Pigeon Supplies can supply just about any Pigeon related item...

Foy's Pigeon Supplies

Pigeon Paraphenalia

De-Threading Supplies

Littauer Suture Removal Scissors

The good stuff - Salvin - $50

Dynarex Suture Removal Kit

The cheap stuff - Dynorex (China) Suture Removal Kit (Scissors & Tweezers)$16
These are available at Falks, 72nd & 2nd Manhattan 212 744 8080

These were too thick at the end too be really usefull, but the cheap metal files easily, hover over the close up to see before and after fileing. Click and hold for very close

Illuminated Magnifying Glassses

See the big picture (and the thinest thread) with these...

Rats Tooth Tweezer (Tissue Forceps) The ultimate picker.

Medical Supplies

Various usefull Pills & Potions

Clotisol -Blood clotting Agent to stem bleeding

A must have in anyones arsenal

Manufactured by Benepet
A blood clotting gel used as an aid to stop bleeding caused by minor cuts and wounds. It can be used for nail trimming, tail docking and ear cropping. From our personal experience, nothing works better.

Note: This will stain your hands. We recommend using "The Glove" or wearing latex gloves if the stain will bother you. Supplied in a handy squeeze bottle.

Butorphano - Pain killer for birds

Use with caution - read the instructions thouroughly. Used as a pain reliever and cough suppresant. Prescription only.


Protect your own birds from feral contamination

Purel Hand Sanitizers


An indispensible disinfectant, many uses. Essential for de threading hair / thread / string foot damage. Click on a bottle to go to Foys Pigeon Supplies disinfectant page.

Gallery Legal Activate! HELP!
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