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By a needy bird in NYC

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As of 2012, New York City now has a wildlife care and rehabilitation center:

The The Wild Bird Fund
Telephone: 646-306-2862
565 Columbus Avenue
New York City, NY 10024
Columbus Avenue between 87th and 88th Streets on Manhattan's upper west side.

You can also try:
Sean Casey Animal Rescue
Kensington, Brooklyn

If you are able to, please phone them and take the bird to them for medical and other care

Or please fill out our Help Request Form. NYCPRC is an all volunteer group, and we are often quite busy, but someone from the group will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

Also please join the NYCPRC Discussion Group, where members who might not have time to help you by transporting or caring for your rescue bird may be available for more specific help and advice.

If you have found a baby, read this

Central Park West side 70's 8/8/2005

West Side - 77th & Broadway 8/6/2005

Clump Foot 77th & Broadway 8/6/2005

Clump Foot 86th & Broadway 8/6/2005

Clump Foot 71st & 1st 7/1/2003 "Bag Bird" Caught! 8/21/05

Thread Foot Col U 7/15/2005 "BigToe"

Mangled Feet Queens 8/16/2005 Apollo Caught! 8/20/05

Clump Foot 71st & 1st 3/3/2005 Paintbrush (Disappeared Sept 05)

Thread Foot 71st & 1st 4/1/2005 Speed Bird

Thread Foot 26th & 10th 8/20/2005 Sad Bird

Hair Toe 66th & 1st 8/25/2005 Pufftoe Hairbunch Caught 8/29/2005

Clump Foot Bow/Houston 8/26/2005 Bow Bird

Mangle Feet 86th Col 9/12/2005

Mangle Foot 73rd 1st 9/16/2005

Thread Toe 64th 1st 9/17/2005

Thread Toe 70th York 9/16/2005

Mangle Feet 86thCol 9/19/2005 Caught 10/30/2005

Broken and set leg 8/1/2005 Young Bird

Bad Foot 58th Broadway 10/30/2005 "MarriedMan"

Thread Feet 58th Broadway 10/30/2005 "TortureToes"

Thread Leg Lincoln Center 10/30/2005 "LincolnLegThread"

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