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Welcome to New York City Pigeon Rescue Central

"Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace." Albert Schweitzer (1875 - 1965)

Here you will be able to find video and photos to accompany the NYCPRC Google Group discussion forum's techniques used in helping birds.

We thank you for being among the few who care enough about the difficult lives of these wonderful birds to have come here and joined us in trying to make a difference by helping a New York City Pigeon.

As of 2012, New York City now has a wildlife care and rehabilitation center:

The The Wild Bird Fund
Telephone: 646-306-2862
565 Columbus Avenue
New York City, NY 10024
Columbus Avenue between 87th and 88th Streets on Manhattan's upper west side, open daily including weekends 8 am to 7 pm. No appointment or phone call is necessary, though it's a good idea to leave a message for them to expect you if you are arriving close to closing time.

Or please fill out our Help Request Form. NYCPRC is an all volunteer group, and we are often quite busy, but someone from the group will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

We encourage you to catch the pigeon you are concerned about and bring him or her indoors where it is safe. All too often, by the time you or we get back to the location where you saw the bird, there is no way to find him/her, or it's too late to help. You are very likely this pigeon's best and last hope.

So if you possibly can, instead of waiting for us to get back to you, please get the bird to safety, and if you are able to, please take the bird to one of the above wildlife care and rehabilitation centers. (A large paper shopping bag loosely closed at the top usually works well for transport.)

Also please join the NYCPRC Discussion Group, where members are usually available for more specific help and advice.

If you have found a baby bird, read this

Let's dispel some myths.

Can you Rescue?

"To be honest I'm not really comfortable handling a pigeon..."

Fears of disease transmission from pigeons are greatly exagerated. Don't be afraid to touch the bird.


Let's dispel some myths.

"But I have a dog..."

I have a dog and have many times brought a rescued street pigeon home. There has never been a problem or confrontation between my dog and any of these birds.


Can you rehabilitate?

Because New York City itself provides no help for pigeons...

You yourself may be the bird you found's best or only hope. We will try to find someone with expertise and experience to help you, but more likely, as there are few of us in ratio to the number of NYC pigeons, we will hope to be able to work with you on caring for "your" injured, ill or orphaned pigeons.


"Soft" Release vs "Hard" Release

You can't just release a Pigeon you rescued as a baby...

Contrary to popular opinion, baby pigeons do not know all they need to know straight out of the egg. Whilst it's fine to release a two year old bird that you have removed thread from the feet of where you found it, a baby or young bird needs special consideration...


NYCPRC Discussion Group

Be sure to join...

...our discussion group, where you can post about a bird you have found or any other specific situation or general topic.

Our sister Yahoo Groups are:


The Wild Bird Fund

These overlapping groups represent a core of people involved with caring for individual pigeons in distress, and with changing society's attitudes and laws to reduce the abuse to which pigeons and other animals are so often subjected.

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New York City Pigeon Rescue Central