BigFoot AKA “Stumpy”
Stumpy had the worst thread foot I’ve dealt with.  The foot had to be amputated.
WARNING:  Some of these pictures are gruesome.  A huge Pigeon,  spotted by Nicole on 41st / Park.  I picked him up and dethreaded him,  but it was clear before I finished that the foot would have to come off,  which it did the next day under anesthetic.
He is reborn and is being doted on by ChocoMint,  another unreleasable.
Now known as “The Love Doves”

 New York City Pigeon Rescue Central
BigFoot when I picked him up  2/7/2006
BigFoot had a huge foot
swollen beond belief, so tightly bound that the foot was upside down
It was full of debris
I soaked the foot in Novalsan for a while - that makes it clear
what is flesh and what is junk
and loosens it all up
His “good” foot was a mess too
but the bad foot was enough to make me gag
this is the foot with most of the thread removed - no bleeding,  The tread was deep
I realized it was pointless going further - the foot was swinging loosely on a piece
of skin.  I slathered it in antibiotic ointment and wrapped it up
Can you imagine?
This is some of the gunk
He perked up after the amputation
He was walking on his stump from the get go
The surgeon had done her best touse his best piece of skin to form a pad to walk on
A very neat bandage...
The good foot is looking better too.
Just when he was ready to meet his maker - new life and new love!
ChocoMint is nuts about him
and he’s lapping it up!
He has a broken shoulder,  probably an old break.  He can now fly down at an angle
He used to drop like a stone
Who knows if he’ll fly again...
More to come on BigFoot (Stumpy( and ChocoMint