FootSquad's First
Foot Squad's First Feet 7/21/2005 
It wasn't the bird we went out for, but it didn't complain... Team: Dave and Jennifer.

 New York City Pigeon Rescue Central
Who's this?
Feet are literally tied together with thread.
The toes are each wrapped in thread, some very tightly.
It will lose at least one toe very soon,
Ultimately it will lose both feet.
It will lose them very slowly and very painfully.
I determine to catch it.
Got it!
It's missing a toenail but that's the least of it's problems.
Jennifer cuts the thread that holds the feet togethe
We determine it's a little too much for us to do on the spot.
We have it in the theatre whithin 15 minutes. The Surgeon dons mag glasses.
The surgeon had one foot clear in under a minute with suture removal scissors.
The other foot took a little longer. This foot has a tightly bound toe.
The Doctor thinks that the worst off toe may survive.
Clear! No blood!
A gawk down the gullet and and it was back in it's flock within minutes.