It’s not just thread...
This bird had a hair problem.  Hair is remarkeble resiliant and can last centurys.  It doesn’t take that long to squeeze off a good toe though.

 New York City Pigeon Rescue Central
Something not right about this one
It has hair wrapped tightly around a toe
This looks easy - I'll have this hair off in a jiffy
Sedita baits - I grab.
Mmmm, this is worse than it looks...
It's wound so incredibly deep...
...and it's strangling 2 toes, not just 1
Blurry photos don't show how it seems to cut to the bone
The toes however seem healthy...
...not overly swollen
The bird was walking as if it were nothing
I can only tell it's hair because a piece is hanging loose
It's too much for me to do in the street
HairFoot - 14
HairFoot - 16
HairFoot - 17
HairFoot - 18
HairFoot - 20
HairFoot - 21
HairFoot - 22
HairFoot - 23
HairFoot - 24
HairFoot - 25
HairFoot - 26
HairFoot - 27
HairFoot - 28
HairFoot - 29
HairFoot - 30
HairFoot - 31
HairFoot - 32
HairFoot - 33
Hey! This little Pigeon Fly fell off it's free ride.
Oh No! It's fallen and it can't get up...
This Pigeon will have to go home minus it's little buddy
A nice footbath will help with the grieving proscess
This bird's done
A quick inspection of the surgery
What are we still here for?
HairFoot - 48
Ten minutes later - it's back in it's favourite tree
That's it to the left, preening
It's a nice, friendly place. Good job it doesn't say "Do Not Fix The Pige...