“Prince Crosby”
This one I noticed up on a ledge looking very sick on the corner of Prince and Crosby st.  
I lured him down.  He was an easy catch,  starving,  weak and sick,  dragging himself along with one foot and a wing.  I thought a leg / hip must be broken,  turns out he was a thread foot.  I couldn’t keep him in for treatment,  I had to make do removing his encumbrance,  and filling his crop with formula with BeneBac,  Albon and some Nystatin,  rubbed anti-biotic ointment into his wounds and let him go same day.  I keep an eye out for him,  and on 3/30/2006 I spotted him and lured him down for a snack.  He looked much more vibrant and was walking around with no limping. ( See the last pic)  Scroll down to the bottom for release video.

 New York City Pigeon Rescue Centralhttp://nycprc.org/http://nycprc.org/http://nycprc.org/shapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1shapeimage_2_link_2